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PSI/ESP Related Experiences

Submitted by anonymous, January 19, 1999

I was living with my aunt at the time in a five-story apartment. I had a room on the fifth floor. My uncle had arranged this special room for me to give the utmost privacy while I attended an art class nearby. I had to ride the subways to get to my destinations. It was wonderful not having to deal with an automobile.

One night I went to sleep as usual in my small room and before falling asleep I saw a little mouse with beady eyes look straight at me after he had crawled five flights to visit me. He looked at me briefly and then suddenly crawled back into his hole and did not return. Shortly thereafter, I fell asleep, but was kept partially awake by a vivid and lucid dream. In this dream I saw a young man with kinky light brown hair, moustache and he was wearing a trench coat which were popular at that time. He simply stared at me while he was standing at the subway entrance at the Battery location (near Wall Street).

The next day I went to work and my boss, Mr. Harry James, came to my desk and told me that a young gentleman would be arriving from Spain and he wanted me train him how to complete a shipping manifest for a captain on a ship that sailed from Spain to South America. I waited two weeks, and my boss told me that the young man was due to arrive today. Lo and behold, he was the very young man that I had seen in the dream two weeks before meeting him. The description fitted him exactly with Trench Coat and all. So, I told him that I had seen him two weeks ago. His name was Pancho. He told me emphatically that this was impossible because he was living in Madrid, Spain with his parents at the time.

After teaching him the job, I told him of my experience of seeing him in the dream, and I told Pancho that he must have some serious problem in his lifestyle that he needed to solve. Sure enough he did tell me about the personal problem and he appreciated my counseling. As a result he invited me to his luxurious living quarters and we discussed his problem further. The last time I saw him was at the entrance of the Battery subway wearing his Trench coat, kinky light brown hair and moustache. The dream became reality, and I was just amazed looking at the scene. I have never seen him since that time which was many many years ago. Pancho had returned to his home in Madrid, Spain. He had become a very good friend who seemed to disappear into thin air.

This was a miracle for me because I had seen a person in a dream two weeks before actually meeting him in person. This is a true story.