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From Tommy's point of view:

As a young boy growing up in Manhattan, Tommy was always big on computers. He never had many friends because he was always playing with computers all of the time. Tommy always knew ever since he was a small child that he was kin to the Glasswalker tribe. Actually when he got older he worked along side them in a secret high tech encryption division of Helios Inc. When Tommy was twenty three, after he had graduated college, he met a girl named Cynthia, who also was working for a branch of Helios Inc. Cynthia was a Glasswalker from Canada who met Tommy while working on a project. The two fell in love and were married. The marriage had always been bumpy, Cynthia was a strange and mysterious woman, but Tommy loved her greatly. They stayed together, and had one son, also a Glasswalker kinfolk.

Five years after their marriage, when Tommy was twenty eight years old, Cynthia and their two year old child disappeared. It was rumored that they had been murdered for unknown reasons by a group of Black Spiral Dancers associated with Pentex. Tommy mourned their death greatly and began working overtime with the Glasswalkers' own wise guys to help find the source of this great tragedy. It had been only about five months later that the Glasswalkers gained information that Cynthia and the child were still alive and were being held hostage by a group of Black Spiral Dancers in Europe. Tommy was overjoyed to hear that they could possibly still be alive somewhere. He immediately went to work using his computer expertise and a network of underground of associates to track down some possible locations for where Cynthia may be being held. Spies were eventually sent to investigate, and when enough information was learned to launch an attack, Tommy and a group of Glasswalker wise guys and some friends from Helios set off to Europe to save Cynthia. She was being held in a Mansion in France, heavily guarded by some pretty mean Pentex employees. They snuck into the mansion and into a trap. Most of Tommy's friends were killed in the attack, but eventually they overcame their enemies, meanwhile, Tommy found Cynthia. When Tommy told her that he was there to save her she just laughed and told him, "Didn't they tell you?" then a serious look came over her face, "I'm a spy. I was on a mission... I'm one of them... I thought you would find out before now... Baby, I'm sorry... Its just the way things are." Tommy was shocked, he could not believe that the wife that he loved was a servant of the Wyrm. Tommy asked, "Where's our son?!" She answered, "He's going to stay with me." Many questions filled Tommy's head, but knowing Cynthia, the surprise did not last long. "Oh no he's not!" Tommy threw his anger upon his wife, Cynthia using her garou abilities ended the fight quickly. "I'm sorry. Maybe in our next life..." Cynthia said, and then threw her final blow. Cynthia thought she had killed Tommy, but he survived. Tommy and his friends did not find his beloved son that night.

Tommy was enraged, he wondered how he could have been foolish enough not to figure it out before now. He knew that Cynthia could never defeat the evil that plagues her mind, so he must release release her from it. He would now stop at nothing to save his child from the throws of the Wyrm, and to slay the woman he once loved so much. Tommy's Glasswalker associates could not help Tommy any further. There had been too much loss involved, they assumed that the child had been killed and wise guys aren't known to assist in vengeance. Also, they had many local problems that needed their attention. Tommy was only a kin to the Glasswalker tribe, he knew that he would never have a chance against Cynthia and her organization without help from the Glasswalkers unless a drastic change was to come about.

Tommy had heard somewhere along the information highway that there was a dark secret held by a group of mortals somewhere in the United States, a secret that could make him a match for his wife. It took him months to track down the source, but that he did. Tommy and a group of close friends, shrouded in secrecy, made plans to find and capture a member of the Skin Dancer tribe with a little help from the latest Glasswalker technology. Eventually they managed to track one of them down, and they tortured him until he released the secret of the Skin Dancers, then they killed him. One down, four to go...

Your only purpose in life now is to save your child from Cynthia's twisted world, and to destroy Cynthia. If you succeed, you plan to give your child to some trustworthy members of your family that will raise him right. You couldn't bear to let your son know what you have become because of your hate. If your quest kills you, so be it.

For the storyteller:

Now the quest begins. The player began the prelude with a weakness for his wife that came from his love for her and one ward, which is his son. He begins the game losing the flaw of weakness for his wife, but gaining the flaw of vengeance, and holding onto his remaining ward flaw. The storyteller must decide Cynthia and her associates' attributes. Cynthia, truthfully is a Black Spiral Dancer who underwent certain rituals to conceal her Wyrm taint. She never acquired the job level required to access the Glasswalkers' secret computer security projects, so instead she married an employee with a high level of access. However, in the process she fell in love with Tommy, but work comes before play. Cynthia will have a good amount of Pentex ranking, and will be very hard to track down, she is a spy. But, the player has the advantage of Pentex assuming that he is dead. The player needs five Garou pelts to perform the rite of the Skin Dancers. If he took the pelt of the Skin Dancer he killed, he only needs four. He is still after all, still a servant of Gaia, so most likely he is going to want to hunt Black Spiral Dancers. If the player chooses the allies attribute, he will have some friends that will help him in his vengeance quest. These friends will be very loyal friends, and will help as long as the player doesn't decide to kill any servants of Gaia. If the player does decide to kill servants of Gaia for pelts, the player's allies may turn on him. If the player decides to share the rite of the Skin Dancers with his allies they will keep the secret, and may use it depending on the ally's personality. But if the player decides to share the secret with outsiders, he may find himself being tracked down very quickly by the members of the Skin Dancer tribe. Once the player has all five pelts, he may perform the rite, but afterwards he will take on the mixed appearances of whatever kind of Garou he chose to kill. If he succeeds (see the Outcasts book to learn more about the Skin Dancers and the rite) he will become an outcast, and will become Wyrm tainted. If an attempt is made to locate further members of the Skin Dancer tribe, if I were the storyteller, the attempts would be unsuccessful. The Skin Dancer tribe is very secretive and truthfully no one is supposed to know that they exist. My justification of allowing one of them to be found is in fun, in any event, there is always someone that knows, just look at the Technocracy. Also, I would have the Skin Dancer tribe be on a manhunt for their packmate's murderer. Meanwhile, Helios Inc. is having some problems with their computer security...