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New Discipline: Bloodplay

Level One: Blood Flow

At level one, a vampire may secrete blood from the pores in his or her skin. This is much more discrete than having to cut yourself in public, and it eliminates the need to cause damage to one's self to feed a ghoul.

System: Roll stamina and Bloodplay difficulty of four. Any amount of successes produce one bloodpoint. A botch causes a bruise to form, inflicting one point of damage.

Level Two: Kiss

At level two, a student of Bloodplay can painlessly absorb a victim's blood through their skin with a kiss.

System: Roll strength and Bloodplay difficulty of the target's stamina. Any amount of successes win one bloodpoint. For the kiss to work, the victim must be kissed on the skin. Unless the kiss is repeated, the victim will not notice. A botch may mean that the Bloodplay user pulled away from the victim too fast, exposing his or her actions for all to see.

Level Three: Transaction

A level three Bloodplay user can exchange bloodpoints with a bloodbound ghoul remotely from anywhere in the world, thus feeding the ghoul.

System: No Roll is necessary for the transaction, but the vampire must spend at least an hour in deep meditation in order for the transaction to work. As always, the meditation roll is wits and meditation difficulty of nine. Each success equals one hour of successful meditation. The vampire must have the blood in question to exchange. Botching could cause the user to transfer a bloodpoint to the ghoul without getting another returned back.

Level Four: Absorb

A level four veteran Bloodplay user has the ability to absorb a victim's blood right through their skin.

System: If the target is unwilling, the vampire must roll strength and Bloodplay difficulty of the target's stamina and alertness pool. Each success renders a bloodpoint, but each bloodpoint takes one turn to absorb. As with level two, the procedure is painless, but the victim will begin to notice after two or three bloodpoints are taken. Botch as level two, wouldn't that look strange!

If the victim is willing, success is automatic.

Level Five: Drain

A master of Bloodplay at level five can summon the blood of his or her bloodbound ghouls, draining them of life to add it to the Bloodplay user's own.

System: The vampire may take as much blood as he or she wishes, as long as the ghoul in question has some left to give. As with Transaction, no roll is necessary, but at the vampire must spend at least one hour in deep meditation for Drain to work. The user must make a meditation roll as with level three. Botch also as level three.