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The Fat Guy

We never quite decided on who or what this guy really was, but our storytellers would use him as a recurring non-player character to annoy the players. The fat guy must be the unhealthiest creature in the entire world of darkness. He is an obviously very obese, very ugly white man that smells terribly and is very rude. Actually, the fat guy doesn't mean to be rude, he just doesn't know any better. If anyone were ever to look past his annoying habits, and give him a chance, he's actually very polite. The fat guy is an immortal tourist of sorts, he can be found in any time period, anywhere in the world, usually driving a taxi. Sometimes he will be found riding next to your players in the cramped seating of an airplane trip. He shows up wherever will be most annoying makes strange bodily noises and just smells bad. While people are riding in his taxi, one of his favorite pastimes is to smoke a nice stinky cigar without rolling the windows down. The fat guy constantly sweats and always smells of B.O., strong cigars, and garlic from eating raw garlic cloves. He doesn't exercise much besides lifting donuts, and as a result he will breath very heavily upon performing such everyday tasks such as climbing a short flight of stairs. He likes to dress in either grease stained tee shirts and jeans, formal business attire, or the loudest tourist clothing available. The fat guy likes to make boring conversation and will offer to share his pork rinds with a newfound friend. If your players are nice to him, sometimes he will do favors for them, such as just showing up sometime when they really need a taxi.

If your players think they can try to master him with mind control they are wrong. We never exactly gave him any willpower rating, but mind control just does not work on him. I guess you could consider him having an iron will merit. In the case that someone were to attack him, I would probably just give him an extremely high fortitude rating. The fat guy isn't very passionate about much, he would probably just passively walk away and refuse future services to that player.