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World of Darkness Firearms Descriptions
Version 2.1

By Charles W. Plemons III (Nosferatu@PremierNet.Net)
Produced by the Crypt of Nosferatu;

Version 1.0 December 6, 1997
Version 2.0 January 13, 1998
Version 2.1 March 16, 1998

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Weapons are tools of ill omen.
-- Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Author's Notes

This is a modified and expanded list of firearms for use with White Wolfís World of Darkness game systems. Included are the firearms listed in the Vampire Playerís Guide and many others. Some changes have been made to statistics of a few guns. The Storyteller is free to use whichever set of stats he prefers. The descriptions are generally the same as the Vampire Playerís Guide, but some modifications and additional information has been added. All weapon descriptions are in alphabetical order under their respective weapon type. Please visit my web page ( for updates of this and other World of Darkness projects.

This may be freely distributed in any format as long as credit is given to the author. This is free for anyone's use, and cannot be distributed for profit for any reason.


Light Pistols

Note: In the United States, gun control laws have severely restricted the ammunition capacity of small arms in civilian use. All magazines manufactured in or imported to the U.S. can hold no more than ten rounds. The clips sold before this ban are legal, but getting them is very costly. In other countries the magazines are still full-capacity. That is why many U.S. gun catalogs do not match the capacity for rounds listed here. However, with a little skill (a.k.a. Gunsmithing) the current clips could (in theory) be modified to hold their full allotment. This would be highly illegal. Law enforcement officials are still allowed to purchase the full capacity magazines.

Heavy Pistols

The "Big" Boys

Single-Shot Pistols

Most single-shot pistols are break-tops or bolt action pistols that chamber rifle cartridges. Assume all rounds to do a standard of 7 DMG. If a cartridge is especially nasty, then the damage may be increased.

Light Submachine Guns

Heavy Submachine Guns

Machine Pistols


Assault Rifles

Battle Rifles

Pump-Action Shotguns

Automatic Shotguns

Double-Barrel Firearms

Double-barrel weapons have been around for many years. They are mainly used for hunting large game in Africa or India. Double-barrels come in many designs such as side-by-sides and over/under configurations. Double-barrels have some of the most powerful muzzle velocities in the world. Some fire actual bullets, others are smooth bore shotguns.

Machine Guns

Miscellaneous Weapons

This section includes weapons that donít really fit into any other category quite well. This includes heavy military ordnance as well as explosive or exotic firearms.


A Glock to the dome and you start to cry,
Any last prayers before you die?

-- Cypress Hill, "Boom Biddy Bye-Bye"

The guns are not the deadly part of this section, for as every vampire knows, "guns donít kill people, bullets kill people." A wide variety of ammunition is available to all who use firearms, but the differences are usually quite minor. The exceptions to this rule follow.

With the introduction of World of Darkness: Combat, exotic ammo types have became a major demand. This includes some types not mentioned in the Big Book of Beating Ass.

Firearms Accessories

This is a list of additions and gear that can be added to or augment firearms. Some of the gear listed will only work with the specified firearm. Some firearms will already have these devices.

Specific Firearms Modifications

The following is a list a neat items and handy tricks to modify specific weapons.

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