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Do you have one of those really weird stories that you only tell other people when you've had too much to drink? I do, and I've decided to build a web site around it. ^_^ If you are interested in reading my story or have one yourself that you would like to have published on the internet, click here to visit my new paranormal stories exchange!

Miscellaneous Cool Links:

Bert is Evil You've gotta see this one...
White Wolf Home Alot of good downloads
www.Camarilla Worldwide links to live action Camarilla chapters
The Vampire Archive Lots of good Vampire stuff
B.J. Zanzibar's World of Darkness One of the best general WOD sites on the web
The Moonlit Trod A really nice Changeling site. Lots of info!
The Hunter's Haven If you're a hunter you need to see this site!
Hive of the First Corrosion The best Black Spiral site out there!
Blake's Home Sector Very cool Mage site. Lots of info. Run by a Virtual Adept.
Autarkis Moral support for the undead...
WoD Character Generators and Tools
Irony Games RPG Tools Useful for storytellers, check it out!
Lycos Roadmaps Very useful!
Macromedia Shockrave! You'd better have Macromedia Shockwave and a good computer for this, but you're gonna love it!
The Lizard Lounge A club in Dallas where I hang out sometimes. Very cool website!

Austin Links:

Terra Inmortorum A live action Camarilla chapter
Those Damned Kids A Terra Inmortorum domain live action Camarilla chapter
the Garou of Austin Terra Inmortorum's Werewolf site
Midnight Tower A live action Camarilla chapter
University of Texas at Austin Homepage
Austin 360 A guide to the city
The Austin Chronicle A guide to Austin's nightlife
Capitol Metro Austin's bus system home

Texas World of Darkness Links:

Legio Noctum A live action Camarilla chapter in Dallas
The Domain of the Eighth Legion A live action Camarilla chapter in Denton
Nexus of Texas A live action Camarilla chapter for Bryan and College Station
Domain of the Midnight Rose A live action Camarilla chapter in Clear Lake
Vampires in Texas A Copper's Cove Sabbat chapter

Submitted Links

#World-of-Darkness A Vampire chapter on Undernet IRC

Have a Texan World of Darkness website? Submit your URL and site name and I'll put it on my Links page!

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