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Welcome, this web site is dedicated to the online publishing of strange happenings that not many people ever get to hear of due to the fact that they are just hard to believe. This site deals with subjects such as UFO sightings, supernatural phenomena, strange natural occurrences, and overall just weird happenings. We take this all very seriously, and appreciate any submissions that you may have to give. All serious submissions will be published on this site under the appropriate category.

About five years ago when I was seventeen, my friends and I used to go to this spot out in the middle of nowhere to get drunk. The place was nicknamed "Witches' Peak" because it is this small mountain in Mansfield, Texas on which there's a one hundred and fifty year old federal grave site which contains graves marked with a pentagram. There is a federal warning sign on the fence surrounding it that forbids trespassing. Another interesting fact is that some local cult used to perform animal sacrifices there back in the eighties. But anyway, because of all of it's weird history, Witches' Peak was an interesting place to visit. One night two of my friends and I decided to go and drink out there. We drove around for awhile, there are no lights or road signs out there so we eventually got lost. We would only actually find the graveyard about half of the time we went out there. So instead of just going back, we parked next to the very small mountain (actually its more like a big hill) and got out of my truck. Now pay attention to this part because when we got back and told this story to our friends they thought we were drunk. Actually, we didn't even start drinking until we got back. We got out of the truck, sat in the bed and were about to open the bottle, when out of the darkness we see this really bright light up at the top of the hill. So I get out and start getting ready to leave because I figure its probably some old redneck coming out to scare us off of his property or something because at this point the light could have possibly been one of those heavy duty flashlights. We start watching the light as it slowly starts to move toward us, and as it gets closer (about halfway down the hill) it starts hopping down the hill. Now there's not too much strange about that, but the light was hopping probably twenty feet up in the air! As it gets farther down the hill, closer to us, it stops hopping and starts creeping in our direction. Once it gets about fifty feet away we could see clearly that there was no one holding the light! Now that we could get a good look at it, we could see that it looked like a purely white sphere of light, maybe one foot in diameter. So my friends and I start getting back into the car because this thing is just creeping closer and closer to us. Curiosity made me stay until it got about right across the street from us. Then I flipped and hit the gas! Now I've heard all these accounts of ball lightning and I've seen pictures of simulations too, but what I saw just doesn't seem like what I've heard of ball lightning. What I saw was a perfect sphere. Ball lightning looks like, well, it looks like lightning. I don't expect to find any answers to my questions about what I saw, but I sure hope I see it again!

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